Bike Leasing Program
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New to cycling or triathlon and need a decent bike before you decide which bike you want?  You've come to the right place as you'll be able to keep from rushing
will have to supply your own pedals and aerobars if you'd like to use them. Please take a look at our bikes below and
contact us if you would like to lease one.  

Triathlon and Cycling Club Member Discounts!!!
Members of local triathlon and cycling clubs who have current membership cards receive 10% off!

    Size: 54
    Year: 2003
    Manufacturer: Trek
    Model: 2300
    Group: Shimano Ultegra
    Wheelset: Xero XCR1
    Price per month:  $100

    Size: 56
    Year: 2002
    Manufacturer: Trek
    Model: 2200
    Group: Shimano Ultegra
    Wheelset: Rolf Vector Comp
    Price per month:  $100

    "As someone new to road riding, I was overwhelmed by the number of choices out in the market.  My local bike shop was very helpful in allowing
    me to test out different models, but what I really wanted before I made such a big investment was to go on a few longer rides.  Body and Mind
    Solution's bike leasing worked out great for me. I was able to lease a Trek 2300 in fantastic condition at a very reasonable price.  I liked it so much,
    I bought the same model!"  ~Melinda Wu, triathlete

    "Dear Coach, Leasing your Trek bike was a good thing for me because I didn't want make a significant investment on a bike without first having
    gone on several long rides.  An  important thing to remember is that if someone is so new to the Triathlon sport that they need to rent/lease a bike,
    they might not know alot about how a 27 speed bike works. I thought I knew, but obviously I didn't. Coach Eric had to show me a thing or two. I did a
    lot of research before making the purchase of my own Trek bike. I knew I wanted a Specialized or Trek that was a women's specific design. I also
    knew that I couldn't afford to spend $3000+ on a bike! I went to the bike shop and knew immediately that the women's Trek was the right fit for me."
    ~Linda Rojas, triathlete  

    "I really wanted to at least try a triathlon, but my biggest obstacle was the bike - not only my fear of riding one, but the fact that I didn't have one.  
    Purchasing a bike is a big investment and I had no idea what was necessary or if I would even enjoy it.  Then I found out Cristin was leasing bikes to
    people like me - it was the answer I was looking for.  It provided me access to a bike so I could train but at a fraction of the cost.  I was able to
    understand over time what I needed and wanted in a bike - what was important for me to spend money on and what was just a frill.  I've done two
    triathlons on the leased bike and now I'm looking to buy my own.  I feel much more comfortable entering the bike purchasing market having leased
    a bike for the last four
    months.  It was a sensible and economical way to get my feet wet in a sport I have found to love." ~Marie-Louise Radimsky, triathlete
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